Pilates/Ballet Barre

Tuesday 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm


Antoinette M. Coward

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Tuesday 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm

Antoinette M. Coward

Ballet Barre/ Mat Pilates is a mid-high impact fusion class designed to strengthen the core, and tighten the back while lengthening and relaxing muscles, teaching the student to restructure the body to its proper alignment.

In conjunction with active and engaged breathing, Barre/ Mat Pilates uses the principles of ballet and the technique created by Joseph Pilates to redefine and reshape the body emphasizing the total use of the core.

The Ballet Barre portion of the class is performed barefoot or in socks, actively using the barre, and the Mat Pilates portion of the class is mostly performed on the back but can use hands, knees, hips, and feet.

* This class is good for beginners.

*This class offers mat pilates, not reformers.