At Next Level Personal Training it is our goal to work with women who want to dedicate themselves to personal fitness. We seek to teach females how to develop a healthy lifestyle by being active, staying fit and guiding them towards a nutritional balance.


Our instructors are constantly learning new and innovative techniques to help you stay on top of your fitness in order to reach your goals. Some of the most common reasons for women to give up on an exercise regimen are a lack of results, injury, and undiversified workout routines.  Our goal is to provide quality workouts that are safe, fun and yield results.

Meet Shani & Traci

Top 3 Reasons why people "think" they can't convert to healthier eating


They think it's boring.

They think it's too much work.

They think it's too expensive.


Guess what? We're here to convert your thinking. The reality is, no matter how many hours you put in working out, you will never reach your full fitness potential until you let go of the bad eating habits - there's just no way to get around it. As certified nutritionist we'll show you how to get away from the diets and on the path to a healthier you, a fit lifestyle. 

Guess what else? Preparing healthier foods at home is quite exciting and can actually save you more time and money...let us show you how. 

Better Together

We all have fitness goals, but if you’re like most people, you may have felt let down in the past when you didn’t lose weight, gain strength, get leaner or become faster, especially after taking hours of group exercise classes or workout classes. That’s because traditional gyms and health clubs don’t focus on accountability and getting you fit. Instead, they only focus on getting you in the door.

At Next Level Personal Training, membership can be the key to putting your performance abilities into overdrive.

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