Co-Owner & President

Shani Harvey (Co-Owner & President) - is a native of Philadelphia. This mother of 3, has a background in track & field and distance running. In 2012 her love of running allowed her to start a running group in Philadelphia called “Steel Force Running Crew”, where she and others from the group would run local races throughout the Tri-State area. 

Since 2009, she has helped hundreds of men, women and children meet their fitness goals. She brings a background in management, healthcare, nutrition and education making her a valuable leader in the fitness community.  Her passion for helping others with their fitness & nutrition motivated her to leave corporate america in 2014 to focus solely on building Next Level Personal Training. She says, “The road was not easy but I knew my dream was to have my own fitness studio and I couldn’t allow anything to stop me from attaining that dream.” ​

Shani is currently an amateur bodybuilder and has placed in all of her competitions, she is pushing to obtain her professional bodybuilding card. In addition, Shani currently helps train women who wish to step on stage as bodybuilding competitors. “I know what it’s like to step onstage and I love teaching other women how to be successful as well.” 

Shani states, “Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.” That’s how we live our lives and employ our members to live their lives. 

  • CPR/First Aid, American Heart Association

  • Certified Personal Trainer, AAAI/ISMA

  • Certified Nutritional Coach, ISCA

  • Certified Kickboxing Instructor, AAAI/ISMA

  • Certified INSANITY Instructor, Beachbody LLC.

  • Bootcamp Specialist 

  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor


Co-Owner & President

Traci Horne (Co-Owner & President)  fell in love with fitness almost 3 decades ago. She was a ballet and tap dancer at an early age, a sprinter for her middle school and high school track team and joined the dance team at Norfolk State University and danced throughout her college years. She states, “Fitness has always been apart of my life and looking back, it’s amazing to see my transformation over the years.” “When you have a passion for something it resonates in everything that you do.”


Traci is a Registered Nurse and has been in the HealthCare Industry for over 25 years.  Traci is a Marathoner and is apart of the National Running organization “Black Girls Run.” Traci has helped and assisted with NFL Summer Kids camps all over the country to focus on wellness and fitness.


 Traci says, “Sharing my love for fitness and my passion for helping others is a huge part of my life. I want to help people become the best version of the healthcare setting as well as in the gym. Being healthy on the inside is just as important as being healthy on the outside.” Owning my own fitness studio is one of the most satisfying accomplishments thus far. I love when my clients reach their fitness goals, lose weight or get off of their medications that they were once dependent upon. Making a difference is what I am for. It’s my goal and I’m determined to help thousands of women become the best version of themselves possible. 


Traci is also a Published Author, Nutritionist, Childbirth Educator and Radio show host. Her greatest job she holds is being a mom 1st. 

  • RN, State Board of Nursing, Pennsylvania

  • Certified Nutritional Coach, ISCA

  • CPR/First Aid, American Heart Association 

  • Personal Trainer

  • Certified Kickboxer, AAAI/ISMA

  • Certified INSANITY Instructor, Beachbody LLC.

  • Bootcamp Specialist 


Fitness Instructor

Robyn Frank is a group exercise instructor at Next Level Personal Training. She has always had a passion for health & fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle. She is an avid runner of over 10 years and continues to participate in events ranging from 5ks & obstacle events to ultramarathons. Her goal is to get people excited about exercise and help them find joy in living an active lifestyle. Robyn currently holds certifications in the areas of:​

CPR/First Aid, American Heart Association 

• Certified Personal Trainer, National Personal Training Institute 

• Certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE

• Licensed Strong by Zumba Instructor


Dance Instructor

Lauren Michelle Morgan was born and raised in Philadelphia. After graduating Eastern University with a degree in education, music and dance were always present in the classroom for Lauren as an educator for over 10 years. Lauren used movement and dance for young children to enjoy learning. Leaving the education field to pursue dance and fitness began with obtaining a Zumba license in 2014. Along this journey there were also several lead roles in Freedom Theatre productions including Black Nativity, which led to the ultimate desire of using the platform to inspire and impact others. Her upbringing and roots in African dance give each class a unique flare. As a new mother, who danced all through her pregnancy, dance is even more important as she lives to dance and dances to live. Lauren’s biggest mission is to empower women through dance, which is why she was overjoyed at the opportunity to teach at Next Level Personal Training which is exclusively for women!!! Join her on the dance floor where our feet meet the floor and sky is the limit.


Fitness Instructor

Johanna Dones also known as "JoJo" in the fitness world is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience. Jojo is also a, ISCA Certified Nutritional Coach and certified Pilates instructor. When it comes to fitness and nutrition she encourages a life of wellness to clients but also lives by example! her passion and specialty areas are group fitness, nutrition education and one on one personal training.