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Co-Owner & President

Master Trainer 

 Shani Harvey (Co-Owner & President) - is a native of Philadelphia. This mother of 3, has a background in track & field and distance running.  She has over

10 years experience working with clients helping them to improve their quality of life through health, fitness and nutrition. Shani has also been a leader in women's bodybuilding not only as a 3x medal competitor, but also as a coach. 




Co-Owner & President

Master Trainer 

 Traci Horne (Co-Owner & President)  fell in love with fitness almost 3 decades ago. She was a ballet and tap dancer at an early age, a sprinter for her middle school and high school track team and joined the dance team at Norfolk

State University and danced throughout her college years. She states, “Fitness has always been apart of my life and looking back, it’s amazing to see my transformation over the years.” “When you have a passion for something it resonates in everything that you do.”

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Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer 

 Robyn Frank is a group exercise instructor at Next Level Personal Training. She has always had a passion for health & fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle. She is an avid runner of over 10 years and continues to participate in events ranging from 5ks & obstacle events to ultramarathons. Her goal is to get people excited about exercise and help them find joy in living an active lifestyle. 

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Fitness Instructor &

Personal Trainer 

Hi ladies Amber here, I was Born and raised in Philadelphia, my whole life I’ve been “skinny”; however in 2017 I found out I was in fact “too skinny”, so I joined a gym to build muscle and gain weight the right way and turned my own determination into a career that I absolutely love. 4 years and many certifications later I still absolutely love personal training as well as teaching group fitness classes, I’ve also learned how to help with recovery with an assisted Stretching Certification. I specialize in strength training, and love to mix it up with HIIT workouts to help my clients get stronger, reach their goals and change their lives. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all!



Zumba Instructor 

Teaching Zumba allows me to do one of my favorite things which is dancing. I love to dance and I love to see the joy dancing brings to people. 

While I consider myself a novice in the world of Zumba teaching I try to bring all of my good energy to the classes I teach. So I encourage my participants to enjoy, embrace, and embark on this Zumba Journey with me and as they say in Zumba “meet me on the dance floor"




Fitness Instructor

 With a contagious passion for making healthy living simple and joyful for every individual, Julia’s barre fitness classes offer
a space to grow positive mind-body connections and lasting energy. Julia is a certified barre fitness instructor who designs
classes that integrate strengthening, toning and flexibility movements into an energetic workout that can be seamlessly
modified to meet every body’s needs. Julia’s goal is that her classes leave you feeling fulfilled, happier, healthier and
motivated to keep moving! 

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Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer 

Hi My Name is Karen Yeagins and  fitness my biggest passion. I started my journey with just going to the gym to workout not even knowing that this would be my true love. I was so taken and amazed with the way the body functioned, I wanted to take it a step further. I took the next step to becoming a certified personal trainer and received my certification over 6 years ago.


In my time of training I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also made mistakes, which are life's best teacher because you learn where you need improvement.


The main reason I’ve continued to dedicate all of my energy and focus on personal training is because I am aware of how it has changed my life and I want that for my clients as well. I love helping people on their fitness journey and guiding them along the way reaching their fitness goals. It brings me joy to bring them into a healthy lifestyle.

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